Härdi Filter HG 169/10 SHPT

Progressive medium with calendered outgoing-air side specially optimised for manual sewing processes
Filter classification
Areal density
165 g/m²
10 mm
Initial pressure drop
45 Pa
  • Tested in compliance with EN 779:2012
  • Suitable for use on KSL systems
  • Weldable (thermal and ultrasonic)
  • Foldable for pleat packaging
  • Break-resistant, synthetic fibres
  • Flame retardant in compliance with DIN 53438-3 (F1)
  • Resistant to moisture up to 100 % rel. humidity
  • Temperature-resistant to max. 80° C
  • Silicone free and free of paint-damaging substances


  • Production of pocket filters
  • For coarse and fine particle filtration in industrial systems
  • Production of frame filters
  • Special applications

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