Härdi Lingerie

Nonwovens for bright white, breathable cups and push-ups. These high-quality nonwoven fabrics have been designed for excellent shaping for stylish design and function in combination with high wearer comfort.

The special parallel-laid manufacturing process offers a much more consistent structure in the longitudinal and cross direction making it possible to optimise the supporting function. As an alternative to foam, these nonwoven fabrics demonstrate excellent resistance to ageing and yellowing as well as a much higher degree of whiteness. Further advantages are the high breathability, the excellent care properties as well as the short drying times.

  • Bright white, breathable
  • Consistent structure
  • High resistance to ageing and yellowing
  • Outstanding care properties


  • Cups, push-ups
  • Alternative to foam

Unique properties

  • A very consistent structure is obtained due to the special manufacturing process
  • Alternative to foam