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Synthetic Paint Arrestor by haerdi

The future of paint mist seperation and filtration

The Synthetic Paint Arrestor (SPA) of Jacob Haerdi has many advantages compared to the glass fibre based paint arrestor who is still widely used in the industry.

Not only has it up to over 65% recycled fibers out of PET-Bottles but also no formaldehyde is used in the production process either. This makes it a sustainable product that is optimal for you and your employees. It is neither harmful to health nor causes skin irritation. 

Glass fiber is not only harmful to health during production, but also requires great care in everyday handling. When cutting masks, gloves and protective clothing are needed.

You can cut our SPA without gloves and without any masks. It is completly consumer friendly!

The filtration efficiency ranges from G4-M5 (ISO Coarse 65%-ISO ePM 10 50%) which is higher than the glass fibre paint stop. This means less emissions with our SPA compared to usual paint stops.

The lifetime of our SPA is 2-3x as much compared to normal glass fibre. It performs especially well when hydropaint, UV-Paint or C6 Paint is used.

All haerdi Filters are Swiss made and meet the highest quality standard.

Find the full range of our haerdi paint booth filters on the following link:



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